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do you like willie nelson's hair? do you like guys that wear spray-painted-on pink pants? do you like shake yer ass rock-disco beats? if you like even one out of those three, then there is a band for you! GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY is a hot new unsigned band fresh off the boat from austin live-music-capital-of-the-world, texas. jacquie and i saw their new york debut monday night at the knitting factory, and it received rave hype yo.

tonight at midnight they're playing at a bar called Ace of Cups (9 great jones street, or 3rd bw broadway/lafayette), and then tomorrow at midnight at the delancey (168 delancey and clinton). these are shows NOT to be missed, all you 9-5ers, you can sleep when you're dead (easy for me to say since i can sleep till noon...). jacquie and i will be attending both shows. just look for the texas accent and tight ass pink pants and come support our new friends from austin! we'll be there.

here are some ghostland observatory mp3's:

:: shoot em down ::
:: rich man ::
:: best won't do ::

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