You can take the manske boys out of driftwood 

but you can't take the barbecue out of the boys. er wait...something like that, whatever they say in tennessee. anyway, the Salt Lick, the barbecue restaurant that nathan , lily and i worked at during our 16 combined years of college is part of a "bar-b-q block party" happening this weekend at madison square park. it is a bbq/beer festival, and 10 restaurants from around the nation set up booths and sell their roasted pig, cow, and other mammals for all you non-vegetarian types to sink your chompers into. one of the guys that is catering the event for the salt lick just called me, let me know they're here, and that they want to party. last year about ten of us went on a beautiful sunday afternoon, and they hooked us up with about $40 of free tickets (maybe more? i can't remember, jacquie, do you? i know it was a lot). so if we're willing to barter with new york trinkets, drugs, alcohol, gifts, and whatnot, then we should be able to do some more of the same this year. based on the events of last years festival, i'm going to be nursing some serious hangovers this week, and then eating some delicious free barbecue to recover. anyone in? let's pick a day, either saturday or sunday, and go get grubby.

oh yeah, you better start fasting now...

nate, lily, let's start with the cliches: i can tell you right now, we're gonna need more bread. can i get a wheelbarrow to roll me out in? well that's mine, what's everyone else gonna eat!? har har har!

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