my week. 

what better place to start off than mcdonalds? patrick and james (hey...my brother's name is patrick james. weird.) are questioning their dining decisions, while nghia's checking out some chick mcnuggets.

nghia's chingo bling birthday came around. even though it was the best night of nghia's life, osman and i decided to wear black.

couldn't have said it better, myself.

CMJ was last week, and it was a blast. i was out of town last year, so i made up for it this year by seeing shows every day. jac may have broken her own record for seeing a band on consecutive days. according to sources, she saw her new favorite boy band, friendly fires, four times in four days. the kaiser chiefs are jealous.

we had a few hours between shows, and someone decided to kill the time and brain cells at max fish. jenny got smashed.

we were killing time because the friction show at cake shop didn't start until frickin' 1:00 in the morning. here are the two lead singers of 'best fwends'. worst band name ever.

i call this cherry on the killers. my bike's name is cherry, after a tom robbin's character, and jac and i were discussing whether or not the killers are the greatest rock band ever.

birthday boy and mason listen to me explain how happy endings was dead anywayz. then we got kicked out for a private party.

tony romo is not going to be able to play this weekend because of a broken pinkie. he and jessica look concerned about the cowboys chances against the defending champs.

i know you guys got this via email. but come on out. go josh! we're proud of jew!

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