my week. 

summer '08 is history, and since my last post, there have been two hurricanes, three debates, and one bail-out. even though autumn is upon us, the weather is still lovely. and the only thing breaking my heart is the dallas cowboys. they lost today, so i'm cracking up.

a view of my bridge that you don't see very often. the undercarriage.

didn't we already lose domino?

french bulldog puppies.

i've got the cutest photo blog this side of cuteoverload.com.

dj stillhype, at the hottest friction show. ever. see pat's photos at the friction blog for proof.


you know what they say. you gotta do it yerself if you want it:

i went and saw some art by lambourghini.

then i had to run to the bank.sy.

down and out.

so, this is it?

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