show your love for the blacks 

i think most of you already know this by now...
but gavin is our token black friend.
and also. he rocks.

come out tonight & tomorrow night to check out the NYC debut of his SF band -- THE BLACKS -- live and in concert at your local LES hotspots.

TONIGHT @ club midway 9pm, $5

WEDNESDAY @ piano's 10pm, $8 (with von iva, also from SF)

the blacks will also be playing the FRICTION 2 year anniversary show
sept. 20 @ mercury lounge.
(with die romantik, the most serene republic and one more TBA)

for more blacks-ploitation:
= listen on their myspace page - theblacksarehere
= buy the album on itunes THE BLACKS :: nom de guerre ::
= read a review and interview with singer luisa black over at CokemachineGlow
= feel the bloglove with crackers united

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