my week. *busy bee edition* 

since i last posted, i have been very busy working. both workin' the bitches and the ILLustrations. aside from walking and drawing, i did manage to do some birthday partying with lily at prospect park. she's now 'this many'. happy birthday, lily!

um...where you guys goin' with that big black box? i'm gonna need to see some i.d. and you haven't happened to see a bocce ball, have you?

"lord jesus christ, have mercy on me, a miserable sinner."

there are so many good things about this photo that jacque took. as far as i'm concerned, photo of the year.

though tom's face should've looked more like this.

apparently i have a kid. in the LES. and we sell lousy clothes.

sorry i don't have more. and i know how y'all can't WAIT for the next MW. i've averaged about 200 photos per week since i got barbara. but these past two weeks? about fifty. total. unexcusable. stay tuned for next week.

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