my week. *all-natural edition* 

we start off this week at the new camden plaza park in downtown brooklyn. this tree alley reminds me of something from 'lord of the rings'. but with modern architecture in the background. and litter. and a bum that kept laughing to himself.

on tuesday we went to happy endings. it was gay night, or something like that. looks like someone had a happy endings.

yup. definitely gay night.

i had another small job this weekend, and it was miserably rainy, so i stayed in on saturday. but sunday was lovely.

i'm fine. just a little fender bender. you should see the other guy.

meet buster. he's an un-neutered male boxer. he pulls like a freight train on his leash, poops in his living room, and once i arrived to walk him and found that he had broken through one of his apartment windows while trying to get out. and he's our pet-of-the-week.

i was on the promenade today, and it looked like new york was under attack.

this is addie. she likes treats.

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