sky mirror: let's discuss 

ok, a lot of people have been dissing the sky mirror.
i actually thought it was really cool.

and so did my gram.

but i have to say,
the most amazing "sky mirror" i ever saw was definitely in rosarita, mexico...

a quick background on the one in rock center:
it was created by indian/british sculptor anish kapoor
who's also done installations for the tate modern, chicago's millenium park, and has recently been commissioned to create a memorial sculpture for the british victims of 9/11.

so... have you seen it? or any of his other sculptures? what do you think? are you pro- or con-vex?

i'm definitely pro. sure it's in midtown. and no one likes to go there if they don't have to. but i love that the public art fund injects a little unexpected artistry into the biggest center of commerce.

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