my week *micah p. edition* 

cmj may have been over, but that didn't stop me from going to see music. on the last night of cmj, we went to see 'oh no! oh my!' at northsix. that's where micah p. cancelled the previous night.

wonder twin powers, ACTIVATE! form of....a wet wrist! the old lick-the-stamp trick didn't work, but nate still got in.

then the main event on friday night. micah p. hinson at the mercury. he's one of my current favorites. maybe because he's from texas, or maybe because he's just real good.

here he is performing 'beneath the rose'.

then monica and theo had a party on friday. did i say party? i meant parteeeeeeeee! it was T.E.B.W.A.V.M.G.K.N.O.I.X.L.L.L.U.Q.R.S.P.O.I.U.Y.M.X.N.V.A.!!

on saturday, jac'n matt'n i ventured across the hudson to maxwell's in hoboken. i'd cross two rivers to see micah play. that's how good he is. meanwhile, the search for pappy continues.


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