my week? czech. 

Barbara is really racking up those frequent flyer miles. Last week, she was my travel companion (along with Josh, and co-workers) to Prague, and this week, she's with Nick in Tex-Ass. Before Nick documents their adventures in the Lone Star State, allow me to share with you our journey to the only-recenly un-communist country, the Czech Republic.

On our first day there, we czeched (get used to it) into our hotel, czeched our jet lag at the door and jumped right into some sight-seeing. When a simple watch won't do, czech (it's starting to hurt, isn't it?) out the Astronomical Clock.

But hey now. We didn't fly and drive thousands of miles to see the sights. We came here to shoot our new spots. Time to get serious.

Guys, quit playing around. Shoot days are long, we're all tired and stressed, but we really need to buckle down and do our jobs.

Am I the only one who pays attention around here?

Oh well, I guess the client did tell us to take the piss out of it.

And that's a wrap. Time for more fun. Hey look, it's the Kafka Museum. And Nate and Josh. And Nate. And Josh. And Nate and Josh. And...

Overall, Prague was really great. Although the city was smaller than I thought it'd be...

...the architecture was mad twisted, yo.

On a final note, you know what they say in Slovakia...for a Happy Day, Czech out Prague.

Remaining pics here.


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