my week. *back again edition* 

it's been a while, but 'my week' is back by popular demand. and better than ever! jac had a b-day party.

and hers was magical. it had dead rubber chickens, and rainbows!!1

someone stole our thunder at 'pulled pork' last month.

it snowed.

shiny happy drunk tattoos.

secondsies friday art crawl in williamsburg. the critics were out in full force.

valentine's day rolled around, and ET found love.

lots of drag queens at sugarland.

only faile gets away with desecrating my beloved lou reed.

liz also had a birthday. here's her highness at b-day din din. happy birthday, liz!

guess we better get out while we can...

broadway and houston. don't you wanna climb these things?

not quite the sex bench, but c'mon, spring. we're ready.

all your space invaders are belong to us.

walking across the williamsburg bridge, i ran into puerto rico's version of hell's angels.

this is for all you kids that are going to sxsw. enjoy the week. and may you have only a few sit downs, but never a lie down.

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