my week. *holidays are here again edition* 

another holiday season is upon us, and last week new york city saw her first snowfall.

the wintry view from the promenade in brooklyn heights. the view from there still gives me chills at times. or maybe it was the 30* weather. either way, she's gorgeous.

on saturday, after going to 'rush' with nate and friends, we rolled across the street to hollywood diner. so what would you recommend? the drrrty sausage?

hollywood diner for breakfast foods at 3:30 am, followed by brunch at relish, less than twelve hours later. i think we all gained ten pounds that day, huh sweedies? oh well, we can vomit afterwards at my place while we play uno, right victor?

in case someone wasn't in the christmas spirit yet, this shot's for you.

this is dante, a 7-year old male german shephard. he's the sweetest, most beautiful, largest pup i've walked (and he's my new favorite since zeke left me). he's absolutely perfect, and as an added bonus, people cross the street when they see us coming down the sidewalk. i sometimes call him punkin', and he's our pet of the week.

from the lets-do-this family to yours.


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