New Years is coming.... 

Hey Kids,

Wanted to post and see what everyone is either doing for New Years, or if like some you're going to be in Texas, maybe some resolutions. I'm really excited about this New Year as it ushers in my arrival to Brooklyn. You may be asking yourselves why I am so excited to be leaving the island of Manhattan. Yes, it is going to be sad leaving the projects. I'll miss my neighbor Cookie who gave me my first taste of second hand crack smoke when she hot boxed the elevator. However, I won't miss the local grocery store line being held up by folks asking why they raised the price on individual packs of grape Kool-Aid from 10 cents to 25. Nor will I miss my local liquor store having a larger selection of wine coolers versus actual wine. Anyways, as I say goodbye to 2007 I'll be pouring one out whilst listening to some Riskay.

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