my week. 

with this being the last week of 2007 in nyc, we'll start out with the band that i've seen the most this year: white williams. i've seen him three times in the past month, and i think that's more than any band this year. so here he is, playing a show at the new music hall of williamsburg.

on friday night, we went to a gay loft party here in williamsburg. i've heard of blue balls, but blue hand...?

mike is back in my room, after a six month hiatus. it's good to have him back, i missed him. thanks, nate.

also on friday, i hosted james call's annual christmas ball party. jacquie didn't know that many people, so she tried to blend in as best as she could.

pretty lights.

cap'n drrrty.

well here's a nice phambly photo. the gang all gathered (sans one soldier...and she was missed) at mulholland's here in williamsburg to watch the cowboys get their asses handed to them by the lowly eagles. last game of the season that we'll be watching in the nyc. thanks for coming out everybody. sorry it was such a sucky game.

here's bob. he's a six-month old english bulldog. he's real cute, likes treats, and one time i got in trouble for him accidentally rubbing up against a fire hydrant and getting paint all over him. he pulls like a tugboat, and he may be no addie, but he is our pet of the week.

tonight we celebrated victor's birthday in the east village. nate bought him his favorite magazine, compiled into a book. and have you met my friend from tennessee? he doesn't like nate, or victor, but he likes ass, and he absolutely loves the butt book. and that's an inside joke. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTOR!

cabs across the bridge are going to be awful lonely in a few weeks...


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