my week*ly poop* 

last week is a tough aCT to follow, if you know what i mean. so this week was pretty slow. stayed in, and worked a lot. as most of you know, i've been walking dogs since july. it's not the most glamorous job. but it keeps me fed, and i don't have to deal with any boss or cranky co-workers. just me and the pooches, strolling about the brooklyn heights/dumbo area.

here's where i start my day: dumbo. is not every frickin' block in this city photogenic? i mean really? anyway, i get the keys to the dogs' apartments, and off i go.

this is mr. henry. and yes, that's MISTER henry to you. and everyone else. he's pretty annoying actually. he tugs on the leash constantly, and if i let him, he'd mark on every tree, fire hydrant, trash can, and pants leg on the street.

over the years in austin, i had two or three labrador retrievers. they're my favorite dog in the whole world. so i'm kinda biased towards zeke. he's the black lab, and is the most gentle, sweetest dog that i walk. he's my favorite. then there's emma, and mr. henry again. yes, that's mister henry to you. and here he's modeling a wife beater, because he recently got tested for allergies. just say, "ooooooooohhhh", and nod like you know what i'm talking about, because that's what i did when his owners told me that, and i have no idea what that means, or why he has to wear a wife beater. but he is really allergic to everything. just another reason he's annoying.

after walking a dog, i have to leave a note for the owners every day. it's called 'the daily poop'. hence the name of this week's my week. thanks to jacquie osman for that idea. BRILLIANT. anyway, if you're out with me some time, and if yer lucky, and were a good boy or girl, maybe you'll get your own 'daily poop'. jac's gotten one, and so has karen...

this guy is frickin' cute. i just started walking him this week. his name is jackson. he's a collie mix, and a puppy, and rigoddamdiculously adorable. i had to kinda pop him on the nose yesterday because he kept biting and wrestling with another dog, and he flinched a lot, and put his tail between his legs. it nearly broke my heart, and i realized he was probably a rescue, and was has had a rough childhood, so i won't do that again. i wanted to cry i felt so bad. i mean, look at those eyes...too....cute...can't....look...away...

and this is addie. she's an english bulldog, and the victim of jackson's playful barrages. and another one of my personal faves. she's so sweet, and fun to walk. she's very observant of what i say, and is like my co-pilot on the walks, as she helps lead the way. awesome dog. she gets lots of compliments because she's perfectly bred.

this little french bulldog doesn't like to walk more than about twenty yards away from her building. so we don't. lola pees, and then we go immediately back into her apartment. hey, i ain't gonna force it. saves me time. and on a ring around her pillow/bed, it says, "if my dreams came true, bones would rain from the sky". ha.

i get to walk a few dogs along the promenade, and that's nice. i get to see the whole city, and remind myself of how much i love it. every day.

and what the hell, i'll finish this off with a picture of my brother's dog, gertie, when she was a puppy, about two years ago. good gravy...


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