my week *thanksgiving for CT edition* 

there's no better way to spend thanksgiving than on a beach, especially if that beach happens to be in texas. that's me and eve and mia. remember them? they used to be LDT'ers. one of them will be back for a visit next week.

yep. that's right. texas.

you know how i walk dogs part-time? i guess it runs (walks) in the family. this is my mom, and her new business.

from texas to connecticut. we rented a mini-van, and headed up to the schiller's. guess who was onboard!

the host with the most awesome player piano. herr schiller.

on sunday, margie and morgen had everyone over for brunch. they live next to a cemetary. and when i say "next to", i mean morgen has to avoid tombstones when he mows. it was a...killer...time?

on the way back, the kids wanted to stop and see a waterfall.

down on the farm. thanks margie, morgen, tom and jacque. great weekend.


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