my week. *is back* 

aside from my girlfriend leaving me, and having a big job that i was working on get killed, it was a pretty good week.

eve had to load up mia in her crate so that she could taker h....waitaminute...that's not mia. that's randy! randy, get out of there! you can't go, silly. now there's some juice in the kitchen for you, with a safety lid on it. it's a weeble wobble cup. wait, here's your helmet. ok. silly randy.

on thursday, jac tried her hand on andrew's deck.....DECK. D-E-C-K. as in turntables. god. (thanks for the joke, jac)

later that night, andrew was still celebrating yom kippur at annex.

on saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so we went to see 'sky mirror' at rockefeller center.

it was so awesome, it's worth another shot. just ask carter, she was there for 45 minutes before we even got there.

then we stopped by the christie's auction house, where they were auctioning items from all 40 years of star trek shows and movies. we saw a few klingons and a lot of geeks. not really, actually we were disappointed that we didn't see more.

then later that night....THE NEW MISSHAPES!

and you know what that means....BALLOONS!


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