i'm all out of love 

i'm so LOST without you.

so, you know how itunes sells tv episodes so you can watch them on your video ipod? well, turns out you can watch them on your computer too (duh). i just spent the last 6 days downloading and watching the all the LOST episodes up to now (doh). all 34 of them. and now i don't have any left to watch. and i still don't know what the numbers mean, or who the others are, or where walt is, or if kate is going to hook up with sawyer or jack, or what will happen if you don' t press the button every 108 minutes. that show's like crack addicted to heroin. i'm even addicted to the little animation for the production company that comes on at the end after the titles and shouts "bad robot". for those poor bastards of you who've never seen it, it's twin peaks, meets survivor, meets lord of the flies, meets the best fucking tv show ever made. why am i telling you? i'm so bored. my life is now (more) pointless, void and empty and i have nothing to do with my time.
until next wednesday...

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