have you ever felt your brain slip into the shadows, allowing your evil body absolute power? (this isn't dirty).

well, yesterday, i noticed that mia (my dog) had chewed a bit on the corner of the kitchen cabinet, which made me very angry, to say the least. so we went running and afterwards i stopped by my pet store and asked the nice lady what was best. she gave me this bitter spray called fooey, and it claims to be the most bitter stuff on earth. i bought it happily and hurried home to test it out. i sprayed every corner exposed to her chomp, and my table and chair legs and my bed corners.

then, in a moment of juvenile weakness, innate infantile curiosity, i licked my finger. no thoughts sped through my brain at this time. nay, i was acting on pure animalistic impulse. the sensations that followed will never be forgotten and mia will never chew on any corners ever again. i have cast my vote. i am a believer. fooey! is the most bitter stuff on planet earth.

i attempted to remedy the situation with some fat free vanilla yogurt. normally i would enjoy this treat. but not this time. while the smooth dairy did allay most of the malady, it wasn't my dear yogurt of yore. uck! but it did help.

so zombie lickers beware! fooey is your enemy!

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