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everybody's doing it,
so i had to post some crystal castles news too. apparently their S/T album is officially out, which i totally knew because i had definitely not already downloaded it illegally. and they're all recovered from car wrecks and broken ribs and south by southwest and bbq ribs, and are back in town to play a couple shows. ow owww. i know nick's excited cause it's been worked into all his chat statuses for the last 2 weeks.

the photos above are from their official sxsw showcase at emo's (march 08) and are not enhanced by any drug use (unless you count sparks.) the photos below are old school, from their halloween show at annex (oct 06).

and are not enhanced by use of spidey sense...

the force...

or 3D glasses (nice try manskes)

|| TOMORROW crystal castles hype up the merc lounge @ a very sold out FRICTION show,
with health, team robespierre, apache beat.

|| TONIGHT crystal castles @ studio B. with health & esque.

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