my week(s). *been a while edition* 

it's been a long time, huh? this posting will be more of a 'my month', or 'my weeks', or as jacquie suggested, 'my fortnight'. but i don't know how long a fortnight is, and i don't feel like googling it. so i'll just keep it as 'my week'. we start off on the weekend after labor day, and the art parade in soho. so aside from all that, jacquie, how was the parade?

a passerby took this family foto.

this was my last walk with my favorite dog, zeke. he is a 6-year old black lab, and was my best friend for the past year. he put a smile on my face every day i walked him, rain or blizzard, regardless of my mood. and he's *my week's* pet of the year. bye bye zeke. i'll miss you.

there was a chemical brothers concert at mccarren pool a few weeks ago, but shit pictures. and then there was the lcd soundsystem/arcade fire double billing on randall's island two weeks ago.

my friend reed moved up here from texas, and he got to celebrate his birthday new york style. he took this portrait himself, and he's going to use it as his next album cover. happy birthday, reed!

so that's it. i meant to get this done last week before i went to texas, but blogger was being a bitch and wouldn't let me upload pics, so now i'm back from my trip with nephew theo, and i'm going to post pics about that.


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