I'm proud to say I've held myself back by only posting 2 posts about Spider-Man 3, swinging into theaters May 4. And this one is New York and music related.

First, watch the new, amazing trailer. (click on "trailers and trivia").

Also, even though New York City is featured in tons of films, it rarely takes part in promoting them, especially big Hollywood ones. But NYC has agreed to take part in Spider-Man Week (hold laughter, please). I mean, c'mon, like some LDTers aren't Scavenger Hunt junkies? *coughJACQUIEANDREWcough* From USA Today:

The city's American Museum of Natural History is installing a spider exhibit shortly before the film opens. New York's Botanical Garden will host workshops on baby spider plants. The Children's Museum of Manhattan will honor the villain Green Goblin with a display of the original Goblin outfit and a mask-making workshop. The Central Park Zoo will host a Spider-Man scavenger hunt and a "Bugmania" show.

And lastly, a superhero movie junkie I might be, I rarely buy into the whole movie Soundtrack bit. But with a lineup including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Flaming Lips (with a hilariously named track, "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love"), Jason Schwartzman (featuring Kirsten Dunst) (wtf?), Wolfmother, The Oohlas, and more, I might at least check the Spidey 3 Soundtrack out.

I'll see you at the theaters, or the IMAX, on May 4.

EDIT: The official Spider-Man Week website is - wait for it - in full swing.

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