untucked. and on fire. 

Untucked is Lewis L. Fowler, Charles Divak, Steve Giraldi and Jonathan
Emmerling, in that order.

Untucked was formed in 2005 for tax reasons.
Untucked draws inspiration from The Kids in the Hall, Michel Gondry,
pocket tees and Macaulay Culkin.
Untucked will shoot your wedding for $75,000. We will do a very weird job.
Untucked doesn’t mean what it says when it drinks.
Untucked loves you in a needy, smothering kind of way.

oodles more untucked genius right here.

i suck for not posting this sooner. i'll do a way better update shortly.

and look at all the press they're getting.

GO JONATHAN! and steve! and the other 2 untuckers who i've hung out with briefly at various concerts!

see you kids on gawker tomorrow.

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