my week. 

we start off quite the festive week on sunday night, when jacquin'eve threw me an awesome birthday party. and guess who shoooooowwwwwwwed uuuuuu-uuuuuuup! randy!!!

everybody came dressed as their favorite gay player...er....basketball gayer...i mean...basketball player. sheesh.

two days later when i was finally over my hangover, nate made a little friend at the mets game.

my dad (on left) and step-mom were in town visiting, and staying at the hotel nickenate. on wednesday we went to see superman at the imax in 3-D!

also staying in room #3N this week, are my brother's wife jamie and her mother pat. they took time out of their busy schedule to smell the flowers. even though there's no time.

on sunday, in honor of the world cup, nate and i went and kicked a ball around at mccarren park. even if it was just a hackey sack. vive le italia! or something like that.

and nate made another miniature friend.


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