The Truth IS Scarrier than Fiction 

While this article reads like a futuristic science-fiction-horror story, thousands of affected patients with Morgellons Disease would assure you it's not. Those states most affected are California, Texas, and Florida--although cases have been recorded in every state of our Union. Exhibiting characteristics of a fungus, a parasite, and bacteria while never being fully circumscribed by any one category--Morgellons Disease is unlike any known pathogen. And there is no known etiology...

Symptoms include sweat the color and consistency of tar, multicolored fibres emminating from lesions that won't heal, joint pain, bugs-crawling-under-the-skin sensations, etc. There is some controversy over the legitimacy of the disease and many doctors are turning patients away citing delusional parasitosis, while others prescribe an arsenal of anitbiotics, pain killers, and antiparasitics.

One Texas doctor had this to say. (Most Amazing/Troubling!!)

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And here you can find the Morgellons Research Foundation


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