nick franz ferdinand has a theory that the streets is kinda like nietzsche:
"nietzsche was one of those people who never left his birth city because he was quite satisfied with everything in his closest surroundings... his bleakness and total lack of humans or human made artefacts, except for houses, still manages to arouse a feeling of beauty in me for his work which i find disturbing and very satisfying at the same time. i think his musical equivalent is mike skinner."


anyhoo. the streets + dizzee rascal play irving plaza june 29-30. and in the meantime, check out these all too human tracks from the new album, a grand don't come for free:

since this is a concept album, it was hard to decide which tracks to post. so i went with...
the first date - could well be in
the radio single - fit but you know it
the heartbreak - dry your eyes

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>mac people: control click and select download to disk


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