some music 

I'm bringing back some bands that I posted about a while back.
1. Mason Proper - playing this Tuesday at Bowery. Takers? (If you go to the site make sure to listen to "Life's Cornacopia")
2. Beat the Devil - It sucks that they broke up but life is about change, right? Reunion is unlikely but you can always check out the lead singer, Shilpa Ray. "Shilpa Ray is a petite powerhouse, roaring and moaning about love, horror and Solomon Grundy in a raw, bluesy alto while pumping atmospheric chords on a harmonium." --The New York Times
Expect her to be unbelievably famous one day. Really. (If you go to the Beat the Devil site listen to "Shine in Exile") The bass player, Mishka Shubaly does solo stuff too.
3. Team B - I've never posted about them but they are playing tomorrow night (Monday) at Union Pool. Piloted by Arcade Fire/Beirut member Kelly Pratt, includes LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney on drums plus Jon Natchez and Perrin Cloutier from Beirut and Richard Reed Parry from Arcade Fire. Not bad.
Many hugs and many more drugs!

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