Animals of Iraq 

today marks the five-year anniversary of the war in iraq. since that first day of the 'shock and awe' campaign (remember how cool that sounded? i couldn't wait for the video game), almost 4,000 troops have been killed, $500 billion has been spent, countless political careers have been ruined, and some damn good art has been produced. in honor of this wonderful anniversary, i feel that it is fitting to finally present, the award winning:

beautifully drawn by nick manske, and designed with the utmost precision by josh webman, this coloring book is the must have of the season. it works great in any situation! strategically place it on a coffee table in your williamsburg loft to spark up a heated, cocaine fueled political debate. stow it in the glove box of your hybrid suv and keep the kids busy on those long rides to grandma's house. hang enlarged individual colored copies above the mantle at your ski lodge, just below the deer head. or even serve as party favors at your next caucus.

on sale now at www.nickmanske.com. order today with pay pal! or you can buy a copy at the hippest bookstore in the entire world, spoonbill & sugartown, on bedford avenue!

and i'd like to send out a huge thanks to my friends here at 'lets-do-this'. it couldn't have happened without you guys. THANK YOU!! of course there will be a release party as well. i'll be emailing the details as they develop. stay tuned!

here's some recent praise:

"one of the most important pieces of art. ever." - new york times coloring book review.

"a despicable, vile piece of left wing propaganda is what it is." - rush limbaugh.

"if it wasn't for me, and this american fight on terror, beautiful art like this wouldn't be curated. i like to think of my self as a pro-curator of art." - george w. bush.

"...this could put bear sterns back on the map." - the wall street journal

"if everyone used organic crayons instead of oil paint, we could reduce global warming by .000000000021% by 2376." - al gore

"this is the best piece of art you'll ever wrap your lips around." - some mc at bar-b-q block party, june '05.

"stop the war. send the troops home. save the animals. buy my coloring book." - nick manske

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