my week. *updated: without any creepy anonymous comments edition* 

i have nothing funny or happy to say this week. so make your own captions. i'll guide you. jon lundbom, and a game of softball in mccarren park.

something profound about how i love new york, and fireworks on the 4th. captain america died recently, too.

something funny about superman doing drugs. maybe a reference from 'the basketball diaries', about how coke will make you fuck like superman? i don't know, it's your caption.

something funny about friends looking goofy in a round window. you could try the spin-cycle angle, maybe?

blah blah blah, something else about friends being goofy. something about nap-time, maybe? that's a little obvious though. so give it some thought.

go for something about how this was the hippest spot in the world at this moment. mccarren pool at a free concert on a sunday. here's hoping next week is just as awesome as this one was! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! let the grEAT EXPERIMENT!!!! BEGIN!!!!!! (another AD reference. they never end.)


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