my week. *spring observation edition* 

it's official. our prayers have been answered. spring has sprung. winter really seemed to linger this year, and i bitched a whole lot. but now that i think about it, it really wasn't any worse than previous springs. april always sucks. i think it seemed worse this year because i was outside for five hours a day, three or four days per week, and it was consistently cold. well, actually, we did break records for the coldest april in new york. so maybe the bitching was warranted. but anyway, now that spring is here, yes, you ARE beautiful. and so is everyone without those big bulky coats...

this week, our favorite band from austin, texas, ghostland observatory, blew through town. we gathered up the GLO posse, and went and watched the boys strut their stuff to a sold-out bowery ballroom. their fans are never afraid to show their love:

once the warm weather finally arrived on thursday, i strolled about aimlessly, and took pictures of my hood. i have a crush on my bridge. she's gorgeous. and i think i love her.

as jacquie posted previously, we went to the brooklyn botanical gardens on saturday. we try and do that at least once a year, and it's sort of becoming a tradition. this year we beat the crowd as the official cherry blossom festival is this upcoming weekend. preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty!

while we were chilling out under the not-quite-blossoming cherry trees, we were admiring this kid's bag of grass.

on saturday, we braved the misshapes crowd to see the GLO again. believe it or not, jacquie bobbled a drink or seven. nate thought she could use a blow job to help dry off.

"that's rock 'n roll"

the sun is shining, the flowers are out in full force, blue skies, birds, bees, love is in the air...happy spring!

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