my week. *happy endings to april showers edition* 

last week nate had a friend in town from chicago. so we tried to show her some fun new york bars. on tuesday we started off at black and white to dance to some oldies, and ended up at happy endings. towards the end of the evening, nate really hit a wall.

on friday, karen had an art opening at her store in carroll gardens. the stuff was really good. old printed cartoons and clip art screenprinted on glossy, brightly colored canvases. the schillers even made a purchase. here's karen in front of some of the pieces.

at the show, jacque served up some hangovers. but she saved most of them for herself.

this place does it all. they should use neon lights. and for an extra $5, they'll gift wrap.

fire when ready. matthew low had a game night on saturday, and remember the shocker game? well really, who could forget. anyway, this is similar, except these are remote control tanks, and whoever gets shot, gets shocked. pretty brilliant. it's like the original atari game, combat, but more sadistic.

thanks for the party, matt. and i hope we all get to see pictures soon. no excuses. not with that pretty new camera of yours.


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