unconditional* love for hire 

shameless, i know.
but i just realized i leave for mexico on wednesday (which is one whole day earlier than i'd been planning, and wrote in my calendar, and told work people, and scheduled concerts, etc. yow. has that ever happened to you? no, probably not. i think that's strictly a me kind of happening.) and i have no one to look after me wee, adorable kitty. SO, any non-allergic puss enjoyers out there who want some sometimes bratty/always snuggly company?? tuesday night delivery. sunday/monday night pickup. pretty please. i'll owe you big. i'll fill your beer mug, your belly, your ipod...

*unconditional under the following conditions: you let him sleep on your pillow or your head or in the crook of your arm. and feed him pretty much constantly.

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