plane, train or automobile - public transportation means one thing for me. time to catch up on the ole intouch/star/us weekly trash rag t-i-p. all the celeb photos, gossip, do's, don'ts and quotes my constitution can stomach.

so i thought i'd share a few gems margie and i learned on the way to/from connecticut last weekend:

*anna nicole smith cancelled an E! photo shoot on the french riviera because she was scared she was going to get beheaded like nicholas berg in iraq. sources at E! said "it wasn't worth explaining the difference between the south of france and iraq to her."

*when michael jackson made an animated appearance on the simpsons in 1991, he requested that his character spend the night alone with bart in his bedroom.

*hollywood teens gone wild- amanda bynes mixes herself up some vodka drinks and gulps them down with pals. "she could barely lift the huge bottle with her tiny arms," said an onlooker.

*rod stewart's junk is best kept under wraps, and kilts. really.

*if you were to ask jake gyllenhaal to cook with all of the ingredients on the table during his magazine interview, he would totally be able to whip up "a tape-recorder sandwich."

. . .

and in a new newsflash, i guess we can all sleep better at night now that j.lo went and got her ass married again.

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