Lex Diesel (or Vin Luthor) {or "sigh, oh god, another superhero movie post by Nathan..."} 

This is sooooooooo in rumor status still, but rumors are so fun. And gross. Kinda like an ostrich egg with green yolk.

Anyway, one confirmed thing: a producer of The Fast and the Furious is helping produce the up and coming (at least a year and a half away) Superman movie. And *rumor* has it that he would like Vin Diesel to play Lex Luthor.

Everyone finished laughing?

Yeah, who ever thought that a character could at one point be played by Gene Hackman, then again by Vin Diesel? hahaha, oh man, that's good stuff. Next thing you know, Halle Berry will be playing Catwoman. oh wait....


P.S. 11 days until June 30...

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