hodge podge 

A strange week indeed: The weird mutant German (of course!) boy with uber muscles.
gossiplist.com if you don't already. Are we still allowed to make Olsen twin jokes? designsonthewhitehouse.com though my favorites weren't chosen. We should come up with our own. 5 more days until we white elephant Iraq. res has a short film contest going with Panasonic. I say the Webster Hall Franz show was good 'nuf for me. In California, the Governator is saving the state money by killing shelter animals quicker. Tom suggested maybe there's an easy solution utilizing all those car chases. Instead of spike strips...you get the roadkill idea. Watched an eerie old Twilight Zone episode where this kid gets his way with everything and all anyone says is, "That's good." Otherwise he zaps them into oblivion. Sounds familiar. Last but not least, if the shootings and fainting spells in the subways didn't turn you off to mass transit, how about the new round of fines imposed by Bloomie? Watch those camera phones, kids. And finally, I am not cool enough to snag an invite to afterparties at Rothko or swim at the Soho House. Woe is me. If I'd stop reading other people's blogs (thanks, Jac) I would be none the wiser, but I ain't no quitter. Anyone got a trucker hat and a kiddie pool? I'll sport the white pumps and bring someYuengling.

Black and White Nachos are good with extra jalapenos.

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