my week. *jump into the bat-birt'day pool edition* 

we start off back in late june, at the olafur eliasson exhibit at the moma. there was a ton of really cool stuff of his. and be sure to check out his waterfalls at various points along the east river. hey guys, what's worse than nick taking your picture? two nicks taking your picture. what's worse than two nicks taking your picture? that reminds nate of a joke.

the week of gay pride is always memorable, because that is always followed by my birthday (we had dinner at relish in williamsburg), which is followed by the fourth of july. thank goodness for digital cameras, because without them, that week would normally be forgotten and randy wouldn't exist. best caption for this picture wins a prize.

the fourth rolled around, and things got really kool, and really trippy.

it's your birt'day again....batman!? yes indeed. there's a name to my hangover pain...and it is batman (thanks mr. cargill for the cool photo). jac's roof was the site for my 34th birthday party, which happened to be the fifth in a row on her roof. thanks, osman. another successful blowout. and thanks, everyone, for coming out and making it another memorable b-day. gonna be tough to top these rooftop b-day parties, but i'm sure we'll make a valiant effort next year, wherever jacquie may live.

patrick manske came up to play with the bruce robison band, but on his downtime, we made beautiful music at david byrne's 'play the building' exhibit in lower manhattan.

the next day, we went to fire island. water water everywhere, but the best way to extinguish flamers is with a bulldozer.

summertime is here again. and you know what that means? mccarren pool concerts. i've yet to miss one, and they keep getting better and better. this is the breeders show two weeks ago. we like mccarren pool concerts, don't we kids? even if there are badly decomposed bodies found in one of the buildings...

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