my week. 

we start off this week at the williamsburg hall of music. the presets were in town, and put on a hell of a show. the crowd was entertaining enough: there was a girl-fight, andrew was barely standing up slam-dancing, an entire drink was spilled down elisa's back, and a pearl necklace got thrown all over the floor. andrew's expression says it all.

oh, presets. i wonder how this photo would look with 3-D glasses.

jacquie had a dream about nate wearing a yellow shirt, so he tried to re-enact it. but the hair? hey, nate: let's put it down, let's everybody just put it on down.

rafi celebrated his birthday at mccarren park. here rafi is seen fighting for truth, justice, and the american gay.

so, to conclude rafi's birthday, we decided to celebrate by eating some chocolate. and MAN it was 'moldy'...if you know what i mean (have i worn out that joke, yet? no? good). this picture sums up the rest of the night: trippy.

first weekend of june, and you know what that means! bbq block party! the salt lick hooked us up, yet again. we haven't missed a block party yet. this was the fifth year. man, that manske name is really paying off, even ten years later.

i don't know what the holiday was yesterday, but there was some serious shit going on at south 8th and bedford. i want to hire this guy to dj my birthday party. can we fit that gazebo thing on yer roof, jac? the thing with lights on it spins! i want that.

this is destin + dakota. they're both lab mixes, and weigh in at a combined 160 pounds. approximately. dakota is extremely aggressive towards other dogs we may encounter, even if they're across the street. she starts lunging, growling, barking, and snapping at me and any other dogs that are in our group (so i usually walk them without anyone else). i've had a pair of shorts bitten through, and they've caused me to fall down while pulling them away from other dogs. but when not trying to kill, they're both really sweet. and they're our pets of the week.

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