my week. 

remember the last time i had a picture of the telectroscope on 'my week'? this is it. here you can almost see four blurry londoners.

no trip(s) to the telectroscope would be complete without more pictures of the brooklyn bridge. so here she is, at night. damn girl, lookin' good. sorry for the redundancy in the pictures, but i've been in that area a lot lately. and it's a pretty area!

another summer of free concerts kicked off at the south street seaport. 'wire' played. not 'THE wire'. just 'wire'. lily demonstrates proper free concert etiquette.

feeling nostalgia for summer '05 and all the drunk fun that was orchard bar, we decided to show our tan, sweaty dance faces at hanger. just like old times, sarah and co. dj'd the night away. and despite her expression, i think sarah was actually happy to see us.

saturday night i went to an art show in dumbo. man, everyone's getting more action than me...

mike weber, a friend of mine, had a piece in the show. this is a detail.

meet mr. hemingway. he was hanging out at the piers on sunday. he's a mckaw, and supposedly a real talker, though he was shy with us. we're not sure if he's gay, but he's definitely our pet of the week.

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