my week. *makin' it rain edition* 

this was an eventful week. there was a huge birthday party (both for a friend, and for a bridge) complete with fireworks, and a big sunny national holiday. the theme of the friend's birthday party was 'bling it'. we got 'so much ice, we could freeze new york'. do the kids still say 'ice' in reference to 'bling'? actually, do the kids still say 'bling' in reference to 'bling'...?

the woman of the hour. smile, birt'day girl! you're on 'my week'. happy birthday!

the entourage.

more shiny shiny bling and a special guest appearance. by the way, don't go see the new indiana jones movie (even though this bling has a crystal skull on it). it'll put you in a grumpy mood.

so, you know when you go to those art parties in williamsburg, and there's absinthe being served, and everyone is trying to one-up each other with their outfits, and there's an obscure movie with subtitles being projected onto a sheet that serves as a backdrop? yeah, sure nick, who doesn't? well i bet you've never seen anyone talking in a back corner like nothing's going on while someone dressed in tights is doing the splits while suspended from the ceiling...

once they ran out of sober, andrew decided to escape. so we did. though none of us who attended the party remember leaving...

the telectroscope in dumbo. the biggest webcam screen in all of manhattan. i didn't actually look into it, as the line was an hour long, and i had places to go and sunshine to absorb.

after not looking through the telectroscope, i met up with aaRon and his little picnic garden party. we had lots of cheese, and delicious beer from his homeland, and we littered the grass with cherry pits. it was perfect.

i cheated on my williamsburg bridge this weekend. but it was brooklyn bridge's 125th birthday, so i think she'll understand. after the dumbo adventures, i rode across the birthday bridge to a wonderful little bbq on a roof in the LES, and thus ended the lovely long weekend.

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