my week. *i'm phoning this one in edition* 

typical week for a boy living in new york city. clouds and rain. seven year anniversary. lots of concerts. bad jokes that i just can't seem to stop. and gays can now get married in california.

feet at botanical gardens.

happy birthday, yiyi.

i've been missing me some swedes. so on tuesday, i got my swedish fix with lykke li at bowery.

cut copy at studio b. hope this doesn't get taken off this blog because of copyright infringement. hell, can hardly even tell who it is...

the cut copy fans.

the blacks at union pool.

karen had an opening at her store on friday, and ah, there it is: the ole' "cock in the pants" joke. never gets old.

speaking of jokes. hey, michael jackson, why don't you get the fuck out of my sun...soon. thanks.

this is rory. she's a black lab/rot mix, and she's my princess. she loves treats, and since she's so obedient, she gets a lot of them. i want a rory of my own. and she's our pet of the week.

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