my week. *colored edition* 

team freelance is back in business. on thursday we went to the moma to see the design show previously posted about. it was interesting to see all of the conceptual products and designs. and if half of the exhibit goes into production, we're going to be living in a weird world where children will have pet skin and babies will be vaccinated by playing with teddy bears filled with germs. and MONSTERS! be sure to scroll down and click on the link. it's really cool, and you can see the entire exhibit online.

then we stopped by the color chart exhibit on the way out. i wouldn't have been able to see it, as it's not open to just anybody yet, but luckily jacquie was a vip (ok, i'm embellishing, she's a member). thanks, osman.

nate had a friend in town last week. and on friday they went to the biergarten here in williamsburg. i met up later, but right when i got there, nate decided he wanted to go home.

the moma had the 'color chart' opening party on saturday, and according to matthewlow.com, it was the hottest ticket on craigslist. being the hottest ticket in the city, of course aaRon had tix. and being that aaRon is super awesome, he provided tickets for matthewlow.com and myself. they asked all party goers to wear our most vibrant colors, so naturally we all wore black.

continuing on, but staying with the color theme, we went to see everybody's second-favorite group of swedes, lo-fi fnk at highline ballroom. they were awesome, and colorful.

on sunday, nate and i accidentally uncled again. whoops. that's right, our brother, patrick and his lovely wife, jamie are going to have a baby! and they're just thrilled. we found out while in the theater watching the lighthearted 'no country for old men'. pat's text, and i quote, "i'm a little nervous, but it should be fun, get ready world, for number one. yep, we're preggo." now, imagine reading that text as javier bardem lurks through another hotel with that fucking silenced shotgun. nate, turn off your goddamm cell phone.

we move on to monday, and sarah lewitinn had a karaoke book release party at angels 'n kings. the most colorful character of all, andrew, did a sexy rendition of george michael's 'faith'. he almost won, but lost out to someone doing bon jovi's 'livin' on a prayer'. a real crowd pleaser. here's andrew interacting with the crowd. if you were up front, you might've been lucky enough to have your neck licked...

sarah with her heart aglow, looks lovely, and she played their favorite closer, 'farewell and good night'. at least i think that's the name of the song. anyway, thanks for the party!

did anyone get a glimpse of the person that stole my ipod? about how tall was he/she? what were they wearing? could you pick them out of a lineup? mother fucker, i hope you die a slow and painful death after my ipod explodes in your pocket and blows off your bal...er...um... oh well, guess i'll have to go get an iphone now.

and in a final, colorful note, stay tuned for the release of a certain coloring book...


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