my week. *vintage edition* 

something a little different this time. i didn't take many pictures this week because i worked so much, and then half the time, barbara was in boston with nate, so....last night i was browsing through a box of old photos of mine, and i got the weirdest idea of combining old photos with my current life. it goes something like this:

so we start off on friday in williamsburg at clem's, where this guy brought his kids in. hipsters got erections just from the apple hat. please notice the dallas cowboys belt buckle...

this warm weather has been so nice. especially while walking dogs. but on a day off, i went to mccarren park, where i found bruiser, the horse. let's put those ears up, bruiser. watch that attitude.

oh yeah, another halloween picture. this reminds me of about twelve pedophile jokes...

on saturday, we went to a white williams show. nice underoos banana hammock.

a cake never had so much meaning. ever.

band of horses was awesome. they have such good style. that t-shirt says, "i'm the baby bubba". unreal.

team freelance made it to an art show. that x-wing fighter won a prize, even though it's looking a little flacid...

it's saturday, and you know what that means...the misshapes wall!! man, this kid was really put together. notice how the earrings match the swatch. hottttt.

like i said in the last 'my week', reed loaded up a mini-van and moved back to texas. see ya later, dude.

and finally, yesterday was super tuesday...did everyone get out there and vote?


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