my week. *valentine's daze edition* 

in williamsburg there's an art gallery crawl called 'every second' that takes place on the second friday of the each month. about 25 art galleries throughout the neighborhood keep their doors open until about ten, and most of them serve free drinks. sounds fun to me, and luckily liz invited me out to the last one. we saw some great stuff, so i'd recommend coming to the next one. i also tried pernod and orange juice. i don't recommend that, unless you like your orange juice tainted with black licorice. anyway, i found some potential places to sell 'animals of iraq' (stay-tuned for details on when that'll be available...), and i don't know what you call these, but i do know that you can't find them in iraq.

then on to savalas. and you know what grandpa always says, "what's better than one hot girl dancing on a bar? two, of course."

my pretty pretty bridge, but viewed from a friend's apartment.

on saturday, we surrounded ourselves in the soft comfy cozy glow of 'the blacks'.

after the show, elisa reminds us of what grandma always says, "what's better than one sparks? two, of course." and then she handed them to me to slam before we left...

then the following friday, we went to see 'something in spanish' at a bar in greenpoint. they were alright. they sounded a little like 'the knife', and maybe a little like 'stereolab'. the singer wrapped herself in christmas lights. neat-o.

last wednesday was the eclipse, and man i got shit pictures. see? at least it looks like it was in motion. that night was also the night of the untucked films screening. be sure to check out the 'untucked films' stuff. the shorts are hilarious and/or sweet, sometimes both, and the music videos are great.

before demonstrating just how white my legs get during the new york winter, i should've paid attention to what was going on in the world around me, so that no one had gotten kicked in the face.

meet zooe (i know i know, the name is misspelled, but it's still pronounced ZOH-ee). a tea-cup long-haired chihuahua. real sweet, and one of the tiniest dogs i've ever met. she's our pet of the week.


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