my week. *more like 'my month' edition* 

it's been about a month since my last post, and there's a lot to cover. luckily, the holidays can be summed up here:
My Very Merry Happy '08

first thing i did back in the city, was hit the slopes with this happy couple. and remember, kids: watch out for vertigo...

sadly enough, swedensburg, brooklyn, lost two of its favorite children, as victor and nanna left us for their (stock)home. nanna will miss my jokes. matthew won't. picture courtesy victor ginsburg.

a few weeks ago, patrick manske made a cameo new york appearance, playing with the bruce robison band. here they are rocking (country and westerning?) out at hill country bbq. because of the dallas cowboys' loss earlier in the day, several of us drowned our sorrows in the bbq.

...getting the blood off your clownsuit!! get it!? huh!? get it!? clownsuit!? ...no...?

later in the week, aaRon took me to a church at columbus circle to see an orchestra. they played three pieces, including a piece by radiohead's johnny greenwood. the church was gorgeous, as was the music. actually, the crowd was pretty damn nice too. i think i'll start hanging out at orchestras more often...thanks, aaRon.

jacquie introduced us all to her new friend. meet myron. he likes discos.

...and his dance craze is sweeping the nation...well, at least it's big in williamsburg.

'suitable for all ages' my ass. just when you thought randy couldn't get any scarier...

osman reflected on her past year. happy birthday!!

remember the last time we saw reed on the L train? this was it. he left today in a mini-van for san antonio, texas. fare thee well, reed. it was a fun six-months. hope you come back.


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