my week. 

my week has been slacking lately. probably because i've been so busy. so this is actually my week from two fridays ago. and on that night, we went to see battles at the south street seaport for the last show of the summer. josh got all trippy at a sushi place after the show.

on saturday, jac and tom drove us to connecticut.

at the lake, we made some new friends. carla, the frog queen, and 'tom the toad'.

this is one type of summer sizzler.

but this is the real summer sizzler (photo courtesy: jacquie O).

i tried my hand at the theramin. poorly.

this is otis. he's one of the sweetest pooches i walk, but he has a bad habit of barking at people as they go to pet him. i have to carry him up and down stairs because supposedly they're bad for his back. he's a long haired dachsund, and he's our pet of the week.

on wednesday, jacquie and i went to the richard serra exhibit at the moma. really nice stuff. it ended on the 10th. glad to have seen it.


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