my week. *vacation2 edition* 

i think it's safe to say that everyone took it easy on the monday following nate's birt'day party. but we weren't out of action for too long. gavin's band, the blacks, made certain of that. on tuesday they blew the roof off of club midway. i dressed the part, but somehow i missed the show. gina drank (as did we all), and jacquie rocked out.

"extra firm? HA!", says jacquie o. "extra WOBBLY is more like it."

meet the blacks. they rocked piano's on wednesday.

nate and josh spend more time together than most married couples. on thursday, at antarctica, we celebrated their departure from hanft raboy and partners. now they'll be working in holy matrimony at berlin cameron. congratulations natenjosh!

so having gone to spain less than a month ago, i figured i needed a vacation from my vacation. so i hopped a jet plane to sarasota, florida. i was a day late because i missed my plane, and then my bag was a day later thanks to jfk inefficiency. two trips in a row that my bag got lost. don't think i'm ever checking my bag again...but it was a lovely four day weekend nonetheless. the beaches were empty, except for these LDTers. and that sunset was NOT popped in lightroom. that's the real thing.

this week's edition of 'my week' has a very special guest. mr. matthew low of mattlow.com. he brought his superduper camera with us to sarasota, and was responsible for taking/directing most of the photos. so barbara is going to step aside, and i'm going to let his flickr page do most of the talking. couldn't have said it better myself. and matt, we gotta come up with a name for your camera. HUGE thanks to natalie for letting us all stay at her mother's apartment in sarasota. it was a "miserable" weekend, indeed.

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