my week. *hit the ground running edition* 

a week ago, i was still in spain. at times this week, i've wished that i still was. but it's good to have had that experience, and now be back in nyc. i've had a week to reflect on what the trip meant to me, and what i took from it. in general, it made the world smaller. it's made all my little trivial problems seem insignificant. it was great to step back, take a breath, and get away from everything. it really put things in perspective. if i moved to spain, or did spanish vacations all the time, it wouldn't be what it is. and what it is, is an amazing vacation. it was nice to have an affair with spain, but my true love is new york. so it's indeed good to be back. good to be back with my art jobs, my friends, the food, and i'm even glad to be back dogwalking. i was getting out of shape... spain, you're awesome, but new york, i love you.

here nate and i view morocco from tarifa.

let the goat jokes begin...er...continue.

aaaaaaand back to new york. wednesday i did laundry. thursday i woke up, went for a job, and then off to coney island for a little show. the rapture and daft punk. the rapture played all their new bubble gum, with only two songs from echoes. they were alright. but...around the world around the world around the world. daft punk was fucking amazing. not a person was standing still in the entire stadium.


i could post twenty pics, just of the pyramid. but two should be good to get the effect.

even the verrazano wanted to get in on the act. she was looking all lightshowy too.

on saturday, after drawing some storyboards, and then doing some transcribing for matthewlow.com, i went to an art opening in long island city. the good news is that these guys showed up. the bad news is that it was in long island city. it was fun though. and free beer!

the con ed building looks like something out of a tim burton film...

also on saturday, one of my best friends from texas, reed posey, and his gf kerrie, moved to new york! they're staying with me for a bit. reed is an artist/painter singer/songwriter. kerrie is a singer/songwriter as well, but is trying to get into chinese medicine.

and by chinese medicine, i mean accupuncture. surgery in my room. ow...

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