my week. *silver sounds edition* 

we begin on friday, LCD was playing at my house, at my house. ok, our house, the bowery. and he was awesome. honest. scout's honor.

you people make fun of me for carrying around a poland springs bottle? well maybe i'm losing my edge. but i was there.

after the show, we danced on over to motor city. nat, i told you i wouldn't delete this picture. nice work on protecting it. this one's for you.

hey! over here! we met up with elisa and she proceeded to destroy all of us at the 'name this band' game. while waiting in the bathroom line, apparently there's not much to do besides watch the go-go dancer.

saturday night i made my first ever trip to harlem. calvin is currently MIA, and if anyone knows his whereabouts, please call 911 immediately. in the meantime, meet tiny ninja. he'll kick your little plastic toy figure's ass, and you wouldn't even see him do it.

this is the theater in which bloc party played. no reason for photos of bloc party, as we've all seen them. and wow has their fan base changed. in the fall of '04 it was hipsters at the knitting factory, now it's mostly frat boys and boys with crushes on kele. when they played stuff off of the old album, it was awesome. the new stuff...not so much. but check out this space. amazing. my pictures don't really do it justice.

here's lily in the lobby. she's two-for-her-last-two photos on myweek. she looks just fabulous. and the decor of the theater was beautiful all around. $7 beers out of plastic cups didn't seem to fit in really, but no one seemed to mind.

just another view of the place.

on sunday night, we went up to midtown to be treated to an amazing meal at a little french restaurant. then we got lost trying to find the F. new york's beautiful when it's all wet. and hey, don't block the box, 2 point fine.

we then wound down the week with a birthday party at barramundi. i found pappy. he's pretty as a blonde.


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