my week. *passover to chunks edition* 

we begin last monday, which was passover. i attended my very first seder. it was pretty casual and informal, but i learned a thing or two about judaism. having worked for an orthodox jewish family for over two years, and living in a hassidic jewish neighborhood, you would think that i'd know a little bit about them. but i don't. all i know is the exact moment that shabbos begins every friday because of the air raid horns announcing sundown. but after tasting the sadness, happiness, bitterness, sweetness, and an amazing amount of wine and manischewitz, and taking turns reciting the poems and explanations, i came away realizing that as a general religion, they are very open and accepting of most everyone, even those of alternative lifestyles. i know there are extremists in every religion, but i now feel like these people are onto something. it was quite a learning experience, and i'm glad to have done it. i look forward to attending one next year. here is a seder plate:

we move on to wednesday, where birthday boy andrew borin, along with his friend shannon, spun at botanica. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!! more on his actual party in a moment.

on thursday, after shooting a commercial all day, nate was shocked at how much redbull they put in his vodka at gym. no, not the gym. just gym, a gay bar in chelsea. it's actually the same spot where we watched the ball go through tony romo's hands on that cold, cold, january night. hmm. too many jokes in this one. my words should be chosen more carefully, methinks...nah.

after leaving nate at gym, i went to meet up with one of my favorite jews in the whole world: jacquie. i joined her at the friction party at mercury, thrown by our fellow bloggers, crackers-united. hey! i got my jersey juice taken from me! oh well, it was almost gone. and that's what i get for acting like i was in one of nate's commercials.

on saturday, we move on to la palapa where we began the celebration of andrew's birthday, which entailed lunch and drinks, followed by a scavenger hunt and drinking, and then a movie, and then more drinking. and to continue with the theme of passover, here are two more of my favorite jews in the whole world: sarah lewitinn, and andrew borin. here sarah shows that jews can get rough when need be. SHALOM!

one of the items for the hunt that needed to be photographed was bodyshots at mars bar. here shannon illustrates perfect form. i think her quote afterwards was something like, "ew! all i could taste was hair and whiskey!!"

a photo of a hell's angel was also on the scavenger hunt list. so we found one, and when asked if he would be in a photo for our hunt, the hell's angel replied, "no stupid shit." we weren't sure if he was calling us stupid shit, or if he meant no shenanigans, either way we chose to not take any chances, and just took a pic of a killer bike.

too much birthday party for one hand...well, for one week, really. happy passover, and happy birthday, andrew.


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