my week. *flag at half mast edition* 

yesterday really sucked for america. some psycho got jealous, and killed 33 people at virginia tech. i'm very sorry for the victims and their families for this senseless, cowardly act. and thanks a lot, cho. you fuck. america is not only hated throughout the world because of our war, but now other countries are going to be laughing at us, thinking we're killing ourselves. soon we're going to have metal detectors in all of our schools, grocery stores, and probably my kitchen. not that any of that matters, when thirty-three lives were taken. what a damn shame.

wheeeeeeeee! moving on. how many french bulldogs and boston terriers can you fit in an elevator? probably more than four. but this is all i'm allowed to walk at a time.

dear mother nature. i know we've all been pissing you off lately, with global warming and all. but please, hear this prayer. on behalf of all new yorkers, we're all trying our best to become green, and do our part to prevent anymore pollution and melting of the ice caps. so if we're really really good, you think we could have some spring now? please? and look at these eyes. how can you refuse? please?

tom had a birthday this week. seriously. do we look like we're joking?

here's the birthday boy. and just to clarify, his hat says, "i don't wanna grow up!". yeah. honest.

the team here at 'let's do this'. most of us anyway.

here's the happy couple enjoying some birthday fondu. happy birthday, tom!

saturday night, nate and i sat on a curb and took the pepsi/coke challenge, and we decided they both taste great. like vodka.

then later that night, we ended up at the crackers-united loft party. we gotta get ourselves one of these cameras. thanks for the photo, crackers. and great party!


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